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How is Golf Different from Other Sports?

Sports fans and athletes alike generally have a specific preference for a particular sport. Basketball, baseball, football, and tennis are some of the most popular sports around, with legions of screaming fans who attend matches and games while sporting caps, jerseys or shirts emblazoned with their favorite teams’ names. Naturally, sporting fans are also quite keen on pitting their preferred sport against those of other fans’, and comparisons between two intrinsically different sports are quite common.

GolfMuch like basketball or football where fans also take part in the sport, golf also attracts spectators or followers who aren’t necessarily playing the sport themselves (partly because getting into the sport is costlier than most, as a trip to any nearby Callaway golf retailer will prove). When asked why they prefer to follow golf tournaments over the events of any other sport, golf enthusiasts often give various (and varying) excuses.

The following are just a few of the distinctions that most golf aficionados point out when asked about what makes the ancient sport different from most sports out there :

1. Unlike most sports, golf doesn’t usually require referees. Thanks to a clearly-defined set of rules, there aren’t too many conflicts in scoring in a round of golf. Golfing tournaments might have judges on hand to observe and judge the golfers’ performances from afar, but rarely is there a need to mediate directly between golfers. Furthermore, since golf is usually classified as a gentleman’s sport, there are unspoken codes of behavior and courtesy that golfers generally abide by.

2. Live viewing access to golfing tournaments is often easier and cheaper to obtain as compared to other sporting events. Basketball games (e.g., the NBA games) and football events (e.g., the World Cup) are often costly to attend, with tickets costing up to thousands of dollars for front row seats. Ticket prices for the said events can also hit astronomical levels as the limited availability for tickets often give rise to scalpers selling them off at exorbitant mark-up rates. Tickets to golfing tournaments, on the other hand, aren’t as limited and are more strictly regulated. So, golf fans can generally get them at much lower prices (about USD25 to USD30) and at many golf equipment retailers (such as the nearest Callaway golf retailer).

3. Golf enthusiasts can purchase equipment at the same stores as their idols (Callaway golf retailers are a particularly popular choice among athletes and followers alike) and can also try their hand at the sport at the same golf course as famous golf pros. Basketball fans, on the other hand, rarely (if at all) get the chance to play alongside their icons at the same court (e.g., the Wembley Stadium or Madison Square Garden) since these locations are usually reserved exclusively for star players and big events.

4. GolfsGolf can be taken up at any age. Whether one is five or fifty, it’s never too late or too early to be bitten by the golf bug. The handicaps might be adjusted accordingly, but it will still essentially be the same game for all. More rigorous sports like basketball or football, on the other hand, tend to place expiry dates even on its most seasoned players.

5. Golf offers plenty of variety. Golfing equipment alone presents a wonderful variety of choices (hence the racks and racks of golf clubs and wedges at any Callaway golf retailer), while golf courses also offer all sorts of terrain to play on.

6. Golf can be enjoyed both as a team sport and as an individual sport. Unlike sports like tennis or badminton, golf can also be enjoyed on one’s own. Some enthusiasts even got into the sport simply because it gave them a quiet reprieve from the noise of the outside world.